NATO may start an open military conflict with Russia if the Kremlin attempts to attack convoys with equipment for Ukraine.

Russian political scientist and publicist Andriy Piontkovsky

expressed this opinion on the air of the "Freedom" channel

, commenting on the statement of the high-ranking official of the Alliance, Robert Bauer, about readiness for "direct confrontation with Russia."

"Ready does not mean that a confrontation will begin tomorrow. Various threats are coming from Kremlin propaganda - "from Moscow living rooms," as the war criminal Simonyan likes to say.

They are no longer engaged in nuclear blackmail. It was explained to them that in this case Putin would simply be killed , and the NATO countries will destroy the entire Russian group

with firepower ," the political scientist emphasized.

According to him, now the Kremlin "constantly threatens to attack convoys of military equipment headed for Ukraine."

But it was explained to

them that even if a fragment of a Russian bomb fell on the territory of a NATO country, this would mean the automatic activation of the 5th article of the charter. And then the propaganda narrative "we are at war with all of NATO" would turn into reality

. Some 26 "Heimers" installed in the spring to Ukraine, turned the strategic situation in the war and allowed Ukraine to seize an irreversible strategic initiative. And what will happen when there are hundreds of Tomahawks, dozens of F-16, F-35 aircraft against Russia? This is what NATO is ready for," explained Piontkovsky.

It will be recalled that the head of NATO's military committee, Admiral

Robert Bauer

, said that the Alliance is ready for a direct confrontation with Russia.

He noted that the strategic goals of the Russian Federation go beyond the borders of Ukraine, given that Moscow intends to restore the Soviet Union.

At the same time, Bauer is skeptical about the threat of nuclear war, saying that he does not consider Russian President Vladimir Putin crazy.

NATO Secretary General

Jens Stoltenberg

expressed the opinion that the risk of Russia using nuclear weapons is small.

However, he notes, the Kremlin's "nuclear rhetoric" is irresponsible and dangerous.

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