The Norwegian government purchased 54 "Leopard-2A7" main combat vehicles from Germany.

(European News Agency)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Norwegian government announced today (3rd) that Norway will purchase 54 "Leopard 2A7" (Leopard 2A7)" main tanks from Germany to replace the old German-made tanks in Norway. Norway has the same weapons as its other Nordic neighbors.

According to comprehensive media reports, the Norwegian government pointed out that it has allocated 19.7 billion NOK (approximately NT$58 billion) to purchase 54 "Leopard-2A7" main tanks from Germany.

The first batch of combat vehicles will be delivered in 2026, and all will be obtained by 2031.

It is reported that the deal includes the option for Norway to purchase an additional 18 tanks.

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Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre pointed out in a statement that under the current international situation, close defense cooperation among European countries has become more and more important.

Purchasing German tanks ensures that Norway has the same type of defensive armament as its Nordic neighbors and other allies.

Norway and Russia are neighbors, and the border between the two countries is 196 kilometers long. Currently, Norway has an old-fashioned "Leopard-2A4" tank and has been planning to replace it. It also promised to provide Leopard-2 to Ukraine.

The new combat vehicles evaluated by the Norwegian military include the Leopard-2 series from Germany and the K2 Panther from South Korea.

Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram has sparked a debate by suggesting that money should be spent on helicopters, drones and long-range artillery rather than combat vehicles, given the impact of technological developments such as drones on the situation in Russia and Ukraine.

Norway finally chose to purchase Leopard-2, but the scale was reduced from 72 to 54.