The beautiful scene of North Wushan Mountain and South Wushan Mountain standing on the vast sea of ​​clouds.

(Photo taken from the Into the Wild Facebook page of the Mountain Research Institute)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] North Dawu Mountain and South Dawu Mountain are one of the goals of many mountaineering people. The Facebook fan page "Into the Wild" shared a visible light satellite cloud image in the afternoon of this (3) day earlier. Taiwan is covered by a large white cloud, but there are two small green spots with special shapes in the middle. If you look closely, it is the magnificent scene of the North Dawu Mountain and the South Dawu Mountain standing on the vast sea of ​​clouds.

"Mountain Research Institute Into the Wild" fans said that because the height of the two mountains is particularly prominent in this area, they were not covered by the sea of ​​clouds that developed in the afternoon. If someone stood on the ridgeline of Beidawu at that time, they should be able to see 360 The great view of the sea of ​​clouds.

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Fen Zhuan explained that after comparing the shape of the mountains and the contour map on the map, it can be seen that the distribution height of the sea of ​​clouds along the contour line is about 2600-2700 meters. The mountains to the south are covered, thus forming this special scene.

This phenomenon is actually not special in this season. Fanzhuan pointed out that in winter, a temperature inversion layer formed by subsidence often occurs at high altitudes. In the process of rising into a cloud, it is difficult to break through this height through other forms of energy, so the sea of ​​clouds can only expand in all directions, like being covered with a pot lid, forming a cloud at a certain height, but beyond that The height is the great view of the clear sky.

Fanzhuan mentioned that today’s Beidawu is a typical example. According to the sounding data this morning, the subsidence temperature inversion in the Taiwan area occurred at a height of about 2,000 to 2,500 meters. Seasons also often appear, but in addition to the special terrain of "South Batian" in North Dawu and South Dawu, because they are located in the south, the water vapor brought by the southerly wind is sometimes more, and the ground heat is stronger in the afternoon. Obviously, therefore, similar conditions often occur, and it looks like two "islands floating above the sea of ​​clouds" on the cloud map.