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Increased security measures in Skopje before the celebrations of the 151st anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev.

A round-the-clock police guard guards the street that leads to the revolutionary's grave.

The movement of cars is prohibited, and metal fences prevent citizens and the media from reaching the Church of St.


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At the height of the celebrations for Gotse Delchev, our ambassador to North Macedonia gave his first interview after returning to Skopje.

Angel Angelov was recalled to our country because of the attack on the Bulgarian Hristiyan Pendikov in Ohrid.

He expects the perpetrators to be caught. 

"It is most reasonable for him to continue his treatment in Sofia, as he has splints due to the fractured jaw that need to be removed.

In addition, he should not move much because he has a cracked fourth cervical vertebra, which affects all motility and should heal well," Angel Angelov told BTV.

Skopje: No, Bulgarian policemen will not guard the celebrations for Gotse Delchev in our country

According to him, the big problem remains the language of hate in social networks. 

"We are divided by the wrong idea about each other.

The main thing here is that instead of staying only with the historical facts, in the Republic of North Macedonia (RPM) the interpretation models are much stronger.

We cannot change our geography, so we must work together.

Our common path is in the European home", said the ambassador of Bulgaria in the RSM. 

He hopes that the February 4 celebrations will pass without tension.

"They must proceed calmly, calmly and without excesses.

This is my message to all people who come from Bulgaria and to the local Bulgarians".

The Bulgarian delegation will be headed by Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev in Skopje tomorrow, and on the Macedonian side by Prime Minister Kovacevski, along with ministers from his cabinet.

Our Foreign Ministry refuted the words of the Macedonian Prime Minister Kovachevski that the Bulgarian authorities did not inform their colleagues in Skopje that they would send an official delegation to the celebrations.

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