Cuba's first game in the Caribbean Series. Photo: Calixto Llanes/JIT.

The director of Farmers, Carlos Martí, has announced this Friday against Tigres del Licey (Dominican Republic) the same lineup of the first game against Curaçao,

in this 65th edition of the Caribbean Series, based in Venezuela.

Cuban Lineup

1 Yunieski Larduet CF

2 Raico Santos RF

3 Yordanis Alarcon 2B

4 Yosvani Alarcon C

5 Rafael Vinales 1B

6 Guillermo Aviles BD

7 Denis Laza LF

8 Andres de la Cruz SS

9 Osvaldo Abreu 3B

Jonathan Carbó L.

Martí declared that although this Friday the starter for the Dominican Republic is a left-handed pitcher, Domingo Robles, Cuba will maintain the


that gave them the victory the day before against Curaçao 3-1, in ten innings.

"Yesterday we won, today we will look for the second success in the tournament and every time we go out on the field it will be like this. This is a very short series, we cannot give anything away. We need to win every day," he commented optimistically to Cubadebate in the



Marriott, where the team is staying, in the Venezuelan state of La Guaira.

At this time, the group rests in said facility, and around twelve (Venzuela time) will leave for the Jorge Luis García Carneiro stadium, formerly Forum La Guaira.

At 2:30 pm (local time) they will face Tigres del Licey, a cast that lost 5-4 in their debut

against Cañeros de los Mochis (Mexico), but continues among the favorites of the contest.

Cuba's first game in the Caribbean Series. Photo: Calixto Llanes/JIT.