The latest top ten traffic accident hotspots in Changhua County have been released. The first and second places are both in Yuanlin City. In recent years, many new buildings have been built in Yuanlin City, which has developed rapidly and the traffic of automobiles and motorcycles has increased.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Congqiu)

[Reporter Zhang Congqiu/Changhua Report] The statistics of the latest 10 accident-prone road sections in Changhua County are released!

Among the 26 townships and towns, 6 townships and cities are listed, and Changhua City has arranged the most 4 places, and they are highly concentrated in the intersection area of ​​more than 3 roads, followed by 2 places in Yuanlin City, 1 place each in Erlin, Beidou, Lukang, and Xihu. Among them, Xinyi Street and Jingxiu Road Section in Yuanlin City rushed to the first place. The main cause of the accident was failure to give way to cars in accordance with the regulations.

According to the number of traffic accidents from January to September last year released by Daoan Information Network, the 10 most popular accident locations, the first place was Xinyi Street and Jingxiu Road in Yuanlin City, where 60 traffic accidents occurred, resulting in 1 death and 79 injuries. 2 were also in Yuanlin City in Wuming, County 137, and Lane 395, Section 6, Shanjiao Road. 48 incidents occurred, resulting in 1 death and 71 injuries. The third was Jianguo Road and County 143, Erlin Town, with a total of 51 incidents. Two people died and 58 were injured.

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Changhua City is not among the top 3, but it has arranged 4 accident-prone hotspots, each of which is Changhua City County 139, Wuming, Sanmin Road, Minsheng Road, Heping Road Lane 196, which ranks 4th, and Lane 196, Heping Road, which ranks 4th. Changhua City Tai 19, Zongguan Highway, County 139, Changhua Minsheng Road, Zhonghua Road, County 139 ranked 9th, and Changhua City Zongguan Highway, Zhongshan Road Section 1, Nanping Street, Nanyao Road ranked 10th , A total of 122 traffic accidents occurred in 4 hot spots, resulting in 1 death and 119 injuries.

In addition, the No. 6, No. 7 and No. 8 are respectively Lane 468, Wenzi Lane, and Zhang 90 of Dizheng Road, Beidou Town, Lane 160, Minquan Road, Section 3 of Jieshou Road, Lugang Town, Qingya Road, and Peiying Road, Xihu Town.

According to the traffic team, the top two accident-prone hotspots are Yuanlin City, and the causes of accidents include failure to yield vehicles in accordance with regulations, failure to drive left and right turning vehicles in accordance with regulations, failure to maintain a safe distance between vehicles, failure to pay attention to the situation in front of the vehicle, and running red lights, Speeding, etc., in addition to on-site surveys with the County Traffic Department to discuss the improvement of traffic facilities, the police will forcefully crack down on violations to ensure safety.

Among the latest top ten traffic accident hotspots in Changhua County, Changhua City has arranged 4 of them, and all of them are in the confluence section of more than 3 roads.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Congqiu)