Internet celebrity Joyce Qiu Yishu (left) and foreign friend Cole (right) recommended male meet rabbit lanterns in the "optical fiber reed" lighting area.

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[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Kaohsiung Report] KMT Kaohsiung City Councilor Bai Qiaoyin described the number of works as porridge with a lot of water after visiting the Liantan Lantern Festival!

Taiwan Jijingao City Councilor Zhang Boyang believes that it is obviously a luxurious and luxurious sea-land hot pot, but it is described as porridge. Is it necessary to bad-mouth the hard work of local artists like this?

Zhang Boyang pointed out that although the funding for this Kaohsiung Lantern Festival is not as high as last year's Taiwan Lantern Festival, the city government is still preparing carefully, combining local temples to visit incense and pray for blessings, combining Zuoying business district and military dependents' village homestays to market military dependents' village culture and food.

Making full use of the local characteristics of Zuoying also presents the value of Taiwan's multiculturalism.

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Among them, the most local and Taiwanese opera, shadow puppetry, palm opera, folk performances, and street performers provide visitors with a different cultural experience every night during the Lantern Festival.

And this time the Lantern Festival also invited local artist YUKIJI Xuelu to specially design the largest main light in the history of Taiwan (18-meter Maji Rabbit), a total of 13 sets of lighting works, according to the latest statistics from the Social Lab, the topic of the Lantern Festival is hot on the Internet The first place is the Kaohsiung Lotus Pond Lantern Festival.

Compared with Bai Qiaoyin's "sparse and scattered", Zhang Boyang questioned that this statement is more like a pretentious article?

The city government moved the Lantern Festival from Love River to Lianchi Lake for the first time, and tried different sightseeing strategies. It should give more encouragement and encouragement, but it is not necessary to deliberately bad-mouth it.

Zhang Boyang emphasized that he can list a bunch of highlights of the Lantern Festival at random, and the food is so rich, "Mr. Bai wants to say that it is porridge with a lot of water... isn't it you who added this water?!"

Japanese internet celebrity teacher iku (front row right) and Kaohsiung City Tourism Director Gao Minlin (front row left) took a cute photo in front of "Flip Future View".

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DJ Kelly felt the brilliance intertwined with virtual and real in the light weaving lake shadow lamp area.

(Provided by the Tourism Bureau)

Zhang Boyang described the Liantan Lantern Festival as a combination of sea and land hot pot with a lot of material.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)