For Russia, an attempt at another large-scale offensive against Ukraine is a desperate move to show that its troops are still capable of something.

But after this jerk, they are unlikely to be able to carry out any actions.

And if they are defeated again, without breaking through anywhere, then this will actually be the beginning of the end of the Russian Federation.

This opinion was expressed by military expert Serhii Grabskyi on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel on February 3.

The expert recalled that in the first wave of large-scale aggression against Ukraine, Russia used strike groups equipped with trained personnel.

"The level of training can, of course, be discussed, but it must be understood that Russia had a fairly professional contract army, which enabled it to conduct certain quite successful operations. In particular, in Syria, Georgia. They cannot be called unsuccessful for the Russian Federation. And this army generally remained on the battlefields of Ukraine," he noted.

But now, according to Grabskyi, Russia has switched to its traditional army.

It is as if it is institutional memory and tradition to use the mobilization army to solve one's problems, the expert says.

"This army has, of course, a lower level of equipment and preparedness, but it is quite seriously equipped with old models of Soviet weapons and military equipment," said Grabskyi.

At the same time, the expert emphasized that Russia, like the countries of Europe, like the USA, and the civilized world in general, did not prepare for the war it won in Ukraine.

"And here the question is how much Russia will be able to withstand such a tension of battles. And after conducting another offensive operation, it is unlikely that it will be able to assemble an army that in the future, and in the event of a serious failure, will be able to counter or at least perform some serious tasks ", he noted.

Defeat at the front will also lead to disappointment in society, when war will become a part of everyone, and Russians are not ready for that, Grabsky believes.

"Russia's economy will begin to suffer more and more not only from the direct effects of sanctions, but also from the indirect factors of the war, namely - the loss of even those personnel who can be involved. Therefore, for Russia now it is like a desperate move to show that it is , we can do something. But after this leap, it is unlikely that they will be able to carry out any specific actions. And if they suffer a serious defeat, without breaking through anywhere, then this will actually be the beginning of the end of the Russian Federation, in my opinion," the military expert summarized.

It will be recalled that Zelensky is confident that the Kremlin leader Putin's "big offensive" will fail, just like the previous one. This was emphasized by the adviser to the head of the President's Office, Mykhailo Podolyak.

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