"Former Russian military man Konstantin Efremov has admitted that military forces under the command of Moscow are torturing Ukrainians," the BBC reported.

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The interlocutor of the British media said that during an interrogation in a village near the southeastern city of Melitopol, a colonel from the Russian army found out that one of the captured Ukrainians was a sniper.

"The colonel, on hearing this, became furious. He made the POW take off his pants and asked him: 'Are you married?' your wife," added the former officer.

Efremov also confirmed the cases of mass looting.

"We entered an abandoned neighborhood. The soldiers pounced on everything they saw. They stole axes, bicycles, lawn mowers," he added.

According to the citizen of Russia, until the beginning of last year, he served in a unit that dealt with the discovery and destruction of mines in the southern autonomous republic of Chechnya.

"I felt useful with what I was doing," the man said.

Efremov also pointed out: On February 10 (14 days before the start of the Russian war against Ukraine), we were transferred to Crimea.

On February 27, they took us near Melitopol.

"The living conditions were appalling. We slept outside all the time. There was a huge amount of food in the building we guarded. But we had to hunt rabbits and pheasants and throw homemade fishing lines into rivers and lakes to satisfy our hunger." , he also said.

Efremov also said that he asked to resign.

"I tried to do it in the legal order and submitted the documents. However, they called me a coward and a traitor. After a long saga, I was fired disciplinary and thanks to opponents of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin - Russian politician.

Born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. I managed to escape from my country through it," the man added.

"At the time of his dismissal, Efremov had the rank of senior lieutenant and commanded a company (a unit of about 100 people). He is the highest-ranking escaped Russian military man who confessed to the crimes of Moscow's soldiers and officers committed in Ukraine," commented BBC.

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