Can they be drafted with a "white" ticket during martial law

A "white" card means a "category" of a citizen's suitability for service and mobilization depending on the type and degree of a person's illness.

Suitability according to the type and degree of illness is determined by the Military Medical Commission (MMC).

The following categories of disability to service are determined by the Military Medical Commission:

  • "Limited fit for military service",

  • "Unfit for military service in peacetime, limited fit in wartime",

  • "Unsuitable for military service with exclusion from military registration."

In the conditions of martial law, persons "limitedly fit for military service" and "unfit for military service in peacetime, limited fit in wartime" can serve and be called up during mobilization, to serve in the rear.

Only those citizens who have a "white" ticket of the category "Unsuitable for military service with exclusion from military registration" are exempted from mobilization.

Peculiarities of the state of health of persons with limited fitness are taken into account during conscription.

The military medical commission indicates which types of service and work are contraindicated for a conscript, according to age, specialty, and illness.

According to the Regulation on military medical examination in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Culture dated August 14, 2008 No. 402:

  • Those deemed to be of limited fitness for military service cannot be mobilized into highly mobile amphibious forces, naval forces, marines, and special forces.

  • Military servicemen recognized as limited fit for military service are fit for service in support units (units), military commissariats, institutions, organizations, educational institutions.

Is it possible to cross the border of Ukraine with limited fitness?

Under martial law, all citizens of Ukraine, except male citizens aged 18 to 60, can travel abroad.

Exceptions include men who have:

  • certificate of postponement of conscription and notification of enrollment in special military registration,

  • conclusion of the military medical commission on unfitness.

That is, only citizens with a military ticket, in which unfitness for military service with exclusion from military registration, can go abroad.

Those with limited fitness during wartime cannot leave Ukraine.

The ban does not apply to entry, you can enter the territory of Ukraine.

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