Delivery of summons by the organizer of so-called drunken parties in Kyiv is not a method of punishment.

The suspects did not receive them earlier because they could violate the rules of military registration.

Such an opinion was expressed by the head of the Pechersk Regional Territorial Center of Procurement in Kyiv, Colonel Serhii Kalugin, at a briefing on Friday, February 3, UNIAN reports.

The journalist asked the military officer why summonses are used as a punishment in Ukraine and cited as an example their delivery to the organizers of so-called drunken parties.

Kalugin answered this: "I don't think that summonses are a method of punishment... I'm saying: not everyone sits at home, not all people do not violate the rules of military registration today. He (the conscript - ed.) can be registered in any district of the city of Kyiv, and he does not inform the TCC and SP that he has moved and is not at home. I do not think that this is a method of punishment - serving summonses."

We will remind you that two bloggers, who mocked helpless girls and filmed them in porn, were arrested.

Another six were issued summonses to the Military Commissariat.

The prosecutor's office noted that the suspects rented an apartment in the capital, where they invited girls, drank alcohol with them, making them unconscious.

Later, taking advantage of the helpless state of the young women, they performed vulgar acts, as well as imitation of sexual acts, while filming all this on their own mobile phones.

The footage was posted on the Telegram channel and social networks, leaving humiliating posts and comments.

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