Russian President

Vladimir Putin

viewed a full-scale invasion of Ukraine only as a preparation for war with NATO.

His next targets could be the Baltic states, but Ukraine stood in the way of this scenario.

Russian political scientist and publicist Andriy Pionkovskyi

told about this on the air of the "Freedom" channel


"Putin, a few days before the start of a full-scale war, between February 5 and 24, after returning from Beijing, was in a euphoric state, confident of his victory... He made an unexpected admission at a press conference. He said - we understand that we are inferior to NATO on at the conventional level, but we are superior at the nuclear level, we have a miracle weapon. He was sincerely confident in this and revealed all the plans," Piontkovsky noted.

According to him,

Putin's plan "from the very beginning was not a war with Ukraine, but a war with the West

. "

"He was supposed to cross Ukraine in a few days, taking Kyiv. And after that, in the aura of his great victory, stand on the border of the Baltic States and Poland, the NATO countries, and repeat their famous formula - "collect your manats and get away." And start a war with NATO. The plan was this - he passed through Ukraine like a tank, entered the Baltic States. Understanding that NATO is stronger at the convention level, at the decisive moment he will pull out his nuclear bomb, swing it and say - surrender and capitulate, or I will use nuclear weapons. "Perhaps he would even hit one of the European cities or a large junction. Such was the Putin-Patrushev doctrine of the use of nuclear weapons," the expert explained.

As Piontkovsky emphasized,

Ukraine saved the world from this scenario with its heroic resistance, and now Putin "doesn't like the Napoleonic-Hitler plans"


It will be recalled that the Russian political scientist

Andriy Piontkovsky

said that the elites of the Russian Federation are already fed up with the results of the war against Ukraine, and they are preparing for a civil war in Russia over the redistribution of property with the help of private armies.

Russian political scientist

Abbas Gallyamov

, citing his sources, reported that Russian President

Vladimir Putin

and his associates are developing a plan to escape to Latin America in case of defeat in the war and a coup d'├ętat.

According to the results of a survey by the Atlantic Council think tank, 46% of foreign policy experts expressed the opinion that by 2033, Russia may become a state that did not exist, or simply disintegrate.

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