Liao Dayi, a well-known folklore expert, suggested that in "Lichun", prepare 5 sweet potatoes and pray to the five gods of wealth at the door or outdoors, so that you can simply ask for money.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)

[Reporter Chen Fengli/Report from Nantou] On February 4, "Lichun" is the first of the 24 solar terms. Folklore expert Liao Dayi said that "Lichun" has the strongest positive energy on this day. Seeking wealth or work luck is actually very simple and "common people". Just prepare 5 sweet potatoes, put your hands together at the door and pray to the five-way God of Wealth, and then put the sweet potatoes on the desk or the wealth position at home to let them sprout and grow green leaves. As long as one of the sweet potatoes is rotten, it will be replaced with a new one. The branches and leaves of sweet potatoes will represent good luck and prosperity.

Liao Dayi pointed out that "Lichun" is the beginning of a new year in folk customs. The peasant calendar notes "Lichun" when the east wind thaws, which means that the cold will pass and everything will recover. If the Year of the Rabbit has good luck in wealth or work, you can prepare 5 sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes) on the day of "Lichun", and use cheap sweet potatoes to seek wealth.

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Liao Dayi said that the five sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes) represent the five-way God of Wealth in the east, west, north, south, and north. You can worship the Five-way God of Wealth at the door first. , pineapples, etc.

The method of worshiping the Five-way God of Wealth is very simple. Just put your hands together and sincerely report to the Five-way God of Wealth. In the new year, you will go on the right path, work hard, and give as much as you can, such as helping others and spreading Good news, please help me with the five-way God of Wealth.

Although the method of worshiping the God of Wealth on the Five Routes is very simple, remember to be well-groomed, not to dishevel your hair, not to wear ripped trousers or clothes that expose your navel, in order to show your sincerity and keep your treasury.

After praying, put the 5 sweet potatoes on your desk, or put them on the financial position or kitchen table of your home. Put a little water on the bottom of the plate to germinate new leaves. In fact, if you don’t add water, they will germinate slowly. Green leaves grow, and the 5 sweet potatoes have branches and leaves, which means that you will be able to travel unimpeded in all directions in the southeast, northwest, and middle this year, and your wealth and work luck will be as lush as green leaves.

"As long as one is rotten, replace it and replace it with a new one!" Liao Dayi reminded that these sweet potatoes are like a compass for fortune, and those that have not grown leaves or rotten should be replaced as soon as possible, and this year, just keep in mind " Practice the principle of "practice, mutual help, and willingness to give", work hard, care and help others more, and give more, and you will be able to get the favor of the God of Wealth.

Liao Dayi also said that Saturday is "Lichun" and Sunday is Lantern Festival, which is the blessing day of the heavenly official. "Lichun" sincerely asks for wealth with sweet potatoes, and he will be blessed by the heavenly official the next day, which is an excellent omen.

The sweet potato is the food of the common people, with strong vitality, which can be used for money and inspiration, because I often remind myself to live and work down-to-earth, like a sweet potato that has taken root.

Liao Dayi said that the 5 sweet potatoes represent east, west, north, south, and middle. Put them on the desk or the financial position at home, let them germinate and grow leaves, which means that the branches and leaves will flourish.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)