Ukrainian intelligence intercepted the conversation of the


, who reported to his commander about the situation at ground zero.

The soldier was so indignant at his situation that he threatened to leave his combat positions.

The relevant conversation was made public by the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Due to the poor supply of troops and failures at the front, the Russian occupier told the commander that they were ready to leave the combat position and return home.

"We are without prey, without anyone. Why do we need it? What the hell did they do there. Well, now let them take and somehow repulse these places... Now I'm coming to you, throwing off my armored car and going home. Nah* and it was fine with me. That's it, come on," said the occupier to the commander.

Urkain intelligence noted that there will be a fair retribution for every war crime committed against Ukraine.

We will remind, earlier Ukrainian intelligence intercepted the conversation of the Russian occupiers, who discussed the low level of combat capability of the Russian army.

The invaders desperately declared that "when something serious starts," their "cardboard demonstration army

will collapse like a house of cards."

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