Xiao Meiqin, my country's representative to the United States.

(Photo by Central News Agency)

[Central News Agency] It is rumored that Xiao Meiqin, the representative to the United States, will be the Democratic Progressive Party's candidate for vice president in the 2024 general election.

She said that making Taiwan's external environment more peaceful, stable, and more prosperous is the only goal now, and other political topics are "imagination out of thin air."

Hsiao Mei-qin has been named repeatedly to match with Vice-President Lai Ching-de, representing the Democratic Progressive Party to compete for the post of President and Vice-President in 2024.

Cai Biru, a former legislator of the People's Party, also claimed in an online program a few days ago that there are rumors that no matter who the Democratic Progressive Party is running for president, the vice-president candidate of the DPP is Xiao Meiqin, who has a good relationship with the United States.

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In this regard, Xiao Meiqin said that she has only one responsibility now, which is to make comprehensive efforts in Taiwan-US relations to make Taiwan's external environment more peaceful, stable, and more prosperous. This is her only goal now.

As for the outside rumors, she said that any other political topics are fantasies, and there is no need for further discussions. She hopes that she can concentrate on what she should do in Washington.

Xiao Meiqin, who is proficient in international affairs, succeeded Gao Shuotai as the representative to the United States in July 2020. She is the first female representative of the Republic of China to the United States.

During her two-and-a-half-year tenure in Washington, Michelle Hsiao actively engaged with all walks of life in the United States. The New York Times praised her as one of the most influential ambassadors in Washington.