As of the beginning of February, we can already talk about the signs of the beginning of a new enemy offensive.

In an exclusive interview with, military observer, reserve major and veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war Oleksiy Hetman told what the Russian offensive will look like.

The expert gave credit to the Russians for having learned to redeploy their troops very quickly.

"They are quickly moving equipment and people. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly from which direction the attack will take place. There are certain forecasts that our General Staff is analyzing. Most likely, it will be an attempt to attack where the hostilities are currently taking place," he said.

According to Hetman, the likely directions of attack by the Russian Federation:

  • Bakhmut, Avdiivka - to Vugledar;

  • an attack from the south, that is, an attempt to attack Kherson Oblast;

  • attack from Bryansk, northeast.

The expert does not rule out that the Russians will try to attack Kharkiv and Poltava in order to reach the city of Dnipro and surround our large group in the east.

"But these are only their plans. What will happen for sure is unknown. Indeed, approximately 320,000 have been mobilized, about half of these people are either near or on the front lines. The others are in reserve and training. This is a very powerful group and you can expect that the battles will be tough," says Hetman.

According to the expert, there are all signs that the Russian offensive has already begun.

"To say that the offensive will take place in February-March is the impression that they have already started, just gradually. They are drawing up troops and strengthening their positions. Therefore, we can say that at the beginning of February there are already certain signs of the beginning of their offensive," he concluded. .

Previously, the ex-director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Mykola Malomuzh, estimated how probable the scenario of a full-scale invasion of the invaders on the entire front line, the border with the Russian Federation and Belarus is.

It will be recalled that military expert Pavlo Narozhny drew attention to the fact that Russians from Kursk may attack the Sumy region.

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