Sex videos of officers of the Eighth Army Corps leaked, the military confirmed the matter and launched an investigation.

(Pictures are extracted from online videos and situational photos; synthesized by this newspaper)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A sex video of a couple officers in the Eighth Corps of the Army has recently been circulated on the Internet.

Now it is reported that the person concerned has asked for help on communication software and social media to find out the person who leaked the video, emphasizing that it has been filed.

According to comprehensive media reports, it was reported that the person concerned wrote on the communication software, "Students, please do me a favor. Some things about me have been circulated. If you have seen the trouble, please screenshot that group and send it to me. I have already done so. Reported the crime, but now I don’t know who the person who spread it is, please do me a favor and let me find the murderer.” And in the social media PO post, “If you want to watch it, you can watch it. Anyway, you also know it. Please tell me who will spread the screenshot. Give me the picture, I will thank you very much, by the way, I have filed it, thank you all.”

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The Eighth Army Corps has pointed out that two unmarried military officers have violated internal management and information security regulations and have been transferred from their current posts to accept investigation. The Eighth Army Corps will adhere to the principle of "strict assessment and strict elimination" and punish them severely according to the investigation results. ; In addition, we will continue to strengthen military discipline and gender-based education, establish correct cognition, and maintain military reputation.