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   on February 2   

Investigative journalist Hristo Grozev, head of the investigative group Belingcat, is forced to leave Austria, where he has lived for 20 years. 

Grozev decided to move because he was warned that there were Russian agents in the country, i.e.

there is a direct threat to his life.

He received the information from intelligence sources, after which he decided to stay in the United States, where he is currently located, bTV reported.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the authorities in Vienna are prosecuting four Russian diplomats for behavior that is "incompatible with their status".

This was reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria.

According to the Reuters agency, this wording is often used in accusations of espionage by members of diplomatic missions.

Two of the four diplomats declared persona non grata work in the Russian embassy in Austria, and two others - in the Russian mission to the United Nations in Vienna.

Hristo Grozev is forced to leave Austria, remains in the USA


"By February 24, when it marks one year since the beginning of the invasion, we have set ourselves the goal of adopting a tenth package of sanctions," Von der Leyen said. The president of the European Commission emphasized that now "Russia is paying a high price because our ( punitive measures) are undermining its economy, setting it back a generation".

The EU will impose new sanctions against Russia on the occasion of the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine


"Continuing the change" we have always welcomed the prosecutor's office to check all reports filed, including terminated non-binding memoranda without claims. 

This position was sent by the press center of "We continue the change" to the media on the topic of "Jemcorp".

PP with a comment on the referral to the prosecutor's office for "Jemcorp"


"The 48th National Assembly, unfortunately, continued to do what the 45th, 46th and 47th did, namely: to accustom us to circus nonsense and scandals. 

If nothing else (and there is much else), even that alone is a big negative in our miserable present.

Even if it weren't for the return of old footage in various places - from clinics to forests, if it weren't for the hanging of important laws (to control the Attorney General, the 2023 budget and more), if it weren't for all of this, even JUST the problem with our habituation to nonsense is gigantic'.

We are used to circus nonsense and scandals - the biggest sin of this parliament



At the moment, I have had a basic conversation with colleagues who say 'we need a person like you', but I don't know what this format will look like", Bozhankov added, specifying that these "colleagues" are from "Democratic Bulgaria" " and "We continue the change", which are discussing to appear together in the early parliamentary elections.

Bozhankov: Colleagues from DB and PP say that "they need a person like me"


Private traders sell it for 35-40 BGN each, and the BNB itself sells it for 31.20 BGN. The interesting thing is that - because it is out of circulation - it is bought by the bank for its nominal value, that is: 20 BGN.

Or in other words: if you bring them such a banknote, they will take it from you for BGN 20, if you want to buy it from them, they will give it to you for BGN 31.20. 

Twenty coins from 2005 now cost BGN 40.


There is nothing surprising about propaganda, no style, no class, no ingenuity, just repetition 

Vladimir Putin: German tanks threaten us again


Special units were sent to the disaffected to "bring them to their senses" and quell the rebellion. 

Russian soldiers rebelled in Ukraine.

Moscow sends special forces


The majority of Finns support the idea of ​​their country entering NATO without waiting for Sweden, whose path to the Alliance is currently blocked by Turkey.

This was shown by a public opinion poll published today, reported France Presse, quoted by BTA.

The majority of Finns do not want to wait for Sweden on the way to NATO


Turkey will require insurance on all ships carrying oil products through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles