The occupiers are taking Ukrainian high school students to the Russian Federation so that they can take school exams on the territory of Russia.

50 11th-graders were taken from Lysychansk to prepare and pass the EDE.

All of them were taken to Yelabuga (Republic of Tatarstan).

In the future, they are promised free education at universities in the Russian Federation.

This was reported by the Center of National Resistance (CNS).

"The goal of all these measures is the assimilation of young people, and therefore it is again about the ethnocide of Ukrainians and the destruction of self-identity. At the same time, such an example demonstrates that the Russians themselves do not believe that TOT is the Russian Federation, and therefore it is necessary to go and take state exams on the territory of Russia," - the message says.

The Central Committee notes that in the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians continue to look for children studying in Ukrainian online schools.

In particular, in Berdyansk, teachers of the so-called

of Russian schools conducted a phone check to detect the appropriate application.

They also conduct conversations with children to find out information.

If the fact of education is discovered, parents are called to preventive talks, where they are threatened.

As a reminder, the occupiers forbid children to study according to the Ukrainian curriculum in the schools of the Kakhovsky district of the Kherson region.

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