Xiao Liyan lost her election for the Yangmei Constituency of Taoyuan City Councilor and announced her participation in the Democratic Progressive Party's primary election for Taoyuan City Taoyuan Constituency.

(The picture is taken from Xiao Liyan's Facebook page)

[Reporter Zheng Shuting/Taoyuan Report] At the end of last year, in the nine-in-one general election, Xiao Liyan, who competed for a member of the Yangmei District of Taoyuan City but lost the election with a high number of votes, announced on Facebook that she would participate in the primary election of the DPP Taoyuan Legislative Committee. Yu Wanru, Director of the Municipal Information Science and Technology Bureau, Fan Gangxiang, a former councilor who intends to stand for the election, and the Democratic Progressive Party's Taoyuan 4th Constituency (Taoyuan District) legislator, the number of candidates for the primary election exploded.

Xiao Liyan pointed out that after losing the parliamentary election, some people encouraged her to continue to stay in Yangmei and continue to operate for four years. She will definitely be elected in the next election. The primary election, even if the primary election has not passed, will definitely have an impact on her next election. However, on the night of the counting of votes, she told all the partners present, "I want to vote for a legislator, but I want to vote for Taoyuan District of".

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She emphasized that she will not leave Yangmei, and will set up a liaison service office in Yangmei, and find suitable people to assist in the service, but she will go to Taoyuan District to elect a legislator, and to participate in the party primary election, only those who have passed the primary election, There is a way to win back the seat, and there is already a legislator Huang Shijie in the coast, and he will only fight against him. What she wants to win is the Kuomintang. At present, Yu Wanru in Taoyuan District has expressed his stand for election. I am very grateful to the director for coming to Fugang to stand for her last time. She It is believed that the primary election within the party is a healthy competition, and after the baptism of the primary election, it will be more powerful and legitimate.

Xiao Liyan pointed out that she has the courage and courage, resources and contacts, discussions and opinions. She will not be a traditional legislator, and she must be unconventional to win. Next, she will actively strive for more recognition and support in the local area. , and bowed deeply to all Yang Mei's friends who supported her, "I'm still here, but in a different form."