Army general, former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh believes that the prospect of Bakhmut being captured by Russian troops is minimal today, but it cannot be ruled out.

He spoke about this in an exclusive interview with 

According to him, the situation near Bakhmut is difficult because all the best units of the Russian Federation are involved there.

"Under Putin's personal control is the operation to capture Bakhmut and the subsequent deployment of offensive operations in Donetsk region.

Therefore, it will be difficult to maintain these positions, but we are tightening reserves.

Not only defensive actions are possible," Malomuzh emphasized.

He reminded that the Armed Forces of Ukraine keep open the logistics route from Kramatorsk, through which the supply of ammunition, equipment, and manpower has been established. 

"The prospect of capturing Bakhmut is minimal, but it cannot be ruled out.

If [the Russians] will drop tens of thousands and the last reserves of high-tech firearms and ammunition, then we may indeed have to leave.

But today the task is not to surrender Bakhmut and to grind all the enemy's forces, especially the highly mobile ones, which Russia uses in this direction", Mykola Malomuzh noted.

The ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service compared today's situation near Bakhmut with Soledar, where Ukrainian fighters "grinded" a significant part of the Wagnerites, who have now lost their fighting capacity and mobility.

The same situation is happening here with personnel soldiers of the armed forces.

"There is a double strategy here - on the one hand, Russia suffers huge losses and there is a possibility of counterattacks from the rear, then Bakhmut remains under our control. And a possible maneuver is to leave Bakhmut, but then other measures will be taken to destroy a large number of enemy groups." - predicted Malomuzh.

We will remind you that currently the Russian occupiers have not managed to block the supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the route to Bakhmut.

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