Disturbing news was announced by the brother of the wanted man, Emil Boev.

For six days now, there is no sign of 25-year-old Emil Boev, who disappeared during the "Surva" festival in Pernik.

Starting today, the volunteers, coordinated by the man's brother - Martin Boev, are changing tactics - they are coming down from the forest and will search only in the city.

The reason - all areas above Pernik have already been covered.

They change the tactics of searching for the missing Emil

There are currently 40-50 volunteers left and Martin's appeal is for more people to come forward to help if possible.

According to him, the police no longer rule out that his brother's version was damaged.

The family is not far from the thought of announcing a reward for finding the missing Emil, but such a decision will be discussed only after consultation with specialists whether to do it, when and how.

The appeal of Martin Boev and the relatives of the wanted young man is to be answered if they have to open their yards and basements for a search.

"The police think Emil may be harmed at this stage. And they don't know, they're just saying that's a possible scenario as well. Which I also believe. So far we have no leads either way the other," says Martin, quoted by dir.bg.

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