The Ministry of National Defense announced the military developments around Taiwan yesterday.

(Provided by the Department of Defense)

[Reporter Wu Shuwei/Taipei Report] China continues to send aircraft and ships around the Taiwan Strait to disrupt the regional situation.

The Ministry of National Defense pointed out this morning that from 6:00 a.m. yesterday (1st) to 6:00 a.m. today, 23 sorties of military planes and 4 sub-warships were detected by the CCP to be operating around the Taiwan Strait, and some of them crossed the central line of the strait and its extension line and entered the southwest airspace. 17 sorties.

The Ministry of National Defense disclosed this morning that Chinese military planes had harassed Taiwan for 24 hours from yesterday morning to today morning; 3 "Sukai 30" fighters crossed the center line from the northern end of the Taiwan Strait's center line, and 8 "J-16" fighters were divided into three groups. Road, cross the center line from the southern end of the center line of the strait, and enter the airspace southwest of the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone.

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In addition, 1 "Yun 8" anti-submarine aircraft, 1 "Yun 8" electric reconnaissance aircraft, 1 "Air Police 500" early warning aircraft, and 2 "J-11" fighter jets entered the southwest airspace of Taiwan's air defense identification zone.

Another "BZK-005" UAV flew from the Bashi Strait airspace into the airspace south of Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone.

The Ministry of National Defense pointed out that the national military uses mission aircraft, ships and shore-mounted missile systems to closely monitor and respond.