Guanyin National Sports Center is located at the intersection of Taoke 1st Road and Taoke 3rd Road. It is a building with four floors above ground and one floor below ground. The blue and white exterior echoes the ocean.

(Photo by reporter Chen Enhui)

[Reporter Chen Enhui/Taoyuan Report] The population of Guanyin District in Taoyuan City is 73,166. Although it does not meet the standard of 150,000 people required to set up a national sports center, it is supported by Taiwan's CNPC, Taipower, etc. and the Guanyin District Office. Under the circumstances, the new construction of the Guanyin National Sports Center started in March 2020. Due to the impact of the Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, covid-19) epidemic, the construction period was delayed. It was completed at the end of August last year and a license was obtained. Due to the shortage of materials in Taipower, electromechanical and other equipment It could not be accepted, and it did not open as expected at the end of last year, causing complaints. The Taoyuan City Sports Bureau pointed out that it has entered the acceptance stage and is expected to be officially operational in late May and early June.

Liao Weimin, Chief of the Comprehensive Planning Section of the Municipal Sports Bureau, said that the Guanyin National Sports Center was completed in August last year. The use license was obtained on the 30th of the same month, and a preliminary inspection was carried out immediately. It has been gradually overcome after being transported to the supplementary court as a priority.

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He further explained that even if the building is completed and completed, there must still be complete power transmission equipment such as Taipower's wires and cables in order to send electricity into the house normally. The sports center and related facilities and equipment cannot be inspected, and acceptance cannot be carried out. Until the missing parts are made up before the Lunar New Year, and the relevant power transmission facilities (preparations) are completed, power can be sent for acceptance.

Liao mentioned that this case will continue to undergo formal acceptance and related missing repair procedures. It is expected that the acceptance will be completed before this month, and after delivery next month, the operator will need to cooperate with the operation project to enter the site and implement a 2-month schedule. It is expected to officially open for operation in late May and early June.

The Guanyin National Sports Center, which cost 414 million yuan, is located at the intersection of Taoke 1st Road and Taoke 3rd Road, Guanyin District.

The sports center is planned to have sports facilities such as indoor swimming pool, fitness center, badminton court, comprehensive court, flywheel classroom and rhythm classroom. After opening to the public, it is expected to become a high-quality daily leisure sports center for residents in Guanyin area and nearby Xinwu, Dayuan and other areas. Indoor sports hall.

The Guanyin National Sports Center, which cost 414 million yuan, finally solved the shortage of power transmission equipment and materials, and entered the formal acceptance stage. The Municipal Sports Bureau stated that it is expected to officially open in late May or early June this year.

(Photo by reporter Chen Enhui)