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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Republic of North Macedonia reacted with a message to the declaration adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament.

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In the announcement, quoted by BTA, it is said that the country's MFA "regretfully notes that the parliamentary declaration on the alleged "escalation of aggressive anti-Bulgarian actions in the Republic of North Macedonia" does not correspond to the agreed policy of promoting relations of mutual respect and points to the lack at will for its implementation".

"Given the timing of the adoption of the declaration, it can only benefit the provocateurs whose goal is to provoke political actions that negatively affect the relations between the two countries, thus undermining the efforts to return to the constructive path and care for the partnership relations", according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Skopje.

With complete unanimity, the National Assembly adopted a declaration against the anti-Bulgarian manifestations in the Republic of Macedonia

"Any act of provocation by any side, accidental or deliberate, is now becoming part of the scenarios for escalation of the situation, which is contrary to the declared commitment to return the diplomatic agenda to where it belongs - in the diplomacy of both countries," the message reads.

"The announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in North Macedonia also dwells on certain highlights of the content of the declaration adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament on its last day.

Through specific projects and activities during the past period, North Macedonia has shown that it is committed to the implementation of the Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborliness and Cooperation between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia.

The claims about the existence of systemic problems with the rights and security of ethnic Bulgarians in North Macedonia completely contradict the facts established by the relevant international institutions that monitor the observance of human rights and the rights of all ethnic communities in North Macedonia, including the Bulgarian one." says the message published on the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Skopje.

"The Law on Foundations and Associations is not directed against the association of any ethnic community, but against the principle of civil associations, 'bearing the names of controversial figures who represent a provocation, not only for ethnic Macedonians, but for all citizens living in North Macedonia," the message reads. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs adds that there is no reason or serious argument to connect the work of the joint historical commission with the changes in the Law on Associations and Foundations.

%The Commission will continue its work based on scientifically substantiated and confirmed facts and has no point of contact with the conditions under which associations and foundations are formed and function, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Skopje.

Regarding the "physical attack on the Macedonian citizen Hristiyan Pendikov in Ohrid", they specify that the institutions reacted adequately, the perpetrators were detained, the investigation continues, and the event was condemned by the president, the prime minister and the minister of foreign affairs.

"At the same time, Minister Buyar Osmani made an urgent emergency visit to Sofia to visit the injured Pendikov, thereby expressing the state's intention to care equally for all its citizens.

That is why we consider the numerous statements about this case, included in the content of the Declaration, to be exaggerated and unsubstantiated and that they do not correspond to reality in any way", the announcement reads.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia calls "to refrain from further decisions and actions that seriously harm the relations between the two countries and their citizens, precisely in the spirit of European values ​​and freedoms."

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