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The Ministry of Innovation and Growth has published for public discussion a new "Circular Economy" procedure under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

The measure has a budget of BGN 180 million and is intended to support manufacturing companies for the transition to a circular economy, the MIR press center announced.

Micro, small, medium and large enterprises will be able to apply for it.

The minimum amount of the grant that companies can receive is BGN 70,000. The maximum amount is differentiated according to their size.

Micro companies can receive a maximum of BGN 350,000, small companies - BGN 550,000, medium - BGN 750,000, and large companies - up to BGN 1 million. Co-financing is up to 50%.

With the funds, companies will be able to implement equipment in their production to reduce waste and the means for its disposal, and to produce new products from the remaining material.

Also to introduce climate-neutral methods and technologies for the production and consumption of their products.

The measure will help limit the use of plastic packaging and single-use plastic products by producing more reusable ones. 

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Companies from sector C "Processing industry" can apply under the procedure, with the exception of those for which the application is before other programs and governing bodies.

You can read the application conditions for the procedure here. 

Proposals and comments within the framework of the public discussion can be sent until March 2, 2023 (inclusive) in the ISUN 2020 system, section "BFP Procedures" - "National Recovery and Resilience Plan", "Public Discussion Procedures".

They must be in free text in the "Description" field of the "Send Comment/Suggestion" menu.

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