Ukrainian actress

Ksenia Mishina has a

 slender and beautiful figure.

However, there was a period when the celebrity simply hated her reflection in the mirror, because she gained extra kilos.

The actress admitted that twice in her life she was seriously engaged in figure.

It was the first time when Ksenia became pregnant.

Then the actress gained 31 kilograms.

And the second time - during a full-scale war, when Mishina gained seven extra kilos.

"There were two moments in my life when I was serious about my body. When I got pregnant, I gained 31 kilograms. When the war started, I gained seven kilograms. Although it doesn't seem like much, I didn't look very good," the celebrity shared .

Ksenia Mishina / Photo:

The actress also recalled that after giving birth she simply hated her reflection in the mirror.

The celebrity considered herself unattractive, because she gained 31 kilograms.

"My 31 kilograms are not very visible here. But after giving birth, I hated my reflection in the mirror so much that I don't have a single photo from that period. But if my brain were in my 20s now, I would perceive everything differently," she said Ksenia showed a photo of her pregnant with plump cheeks posing in front of the camera.

Ksenia Mishina at her biggest weight / Photo:

Mishina recalled that she lost the extra weight she gained during pregnancy already a year after giving birth.

At first, the celebrity just walked a lot with the baby.

When Ksenia stopped breastfeeding her son, she started jogging every morning and went on a strict diet.

This gave results, because in a year the star weighed 49-50 kilos.

Little son of Ksenia Mishina / Photo:

"Every day, I put this king in a cart and walked with him for long periods of time without stopping. We ate wherever we needed (in parks, on stones, on benches). He fell asleep only when the cart was moving. And after I stopped feeding, I started running at 6 in the morning. And, of course, the diet. I stopped eating completely everything floury, sweet. But after a year I came back to normal ... 49-50 kilos. But then I never saw my muscles, because she didn't practice in the halls... She didn't like it," the celebrity recalled.

Ksenia Mishina with her little son / Photo:

Nowadays, Ksenia actively works out in gyms and eats right.

The celebrity has a rather slim figure.

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