In Kyiv, a heating network pipe burst on the street.

Malevich on February 2, as a result of which hot water poured over the road and sidewalk, and the entire street was filled with steam.

This is evidenced by information from the Network and information from KP "Kyivteploenergo".

A gap has formed in the city of breakthrough labor.

"Kyivteploenergo" repair crews arrived there. 

As the company later reported in a comment to, the emergency crew promptly blocked the flow of coolant and localized the damage.

Preparations for repair work have begun, special equipment and operative personnel are working on site.

"Kyivteploenergo" also reported that they are currently finding out how many houses were left without heat supply as a result of the accident.

We would like to remind you that on February 2, in Kyiv, traffic on the street is partially restricted.

Vadym Hetman in the direction of the Shulyavsky bridge due to an accident on the collector.

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