Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army has lost more than 9,000 units of military equipment, including vehicles and heavy weapons.

This is reported by analysts of the Oryx project.

Specialists collect information about the military losses of the parties during the war only based on visually confirmed data.


"Russia lost 5,694 units of equipment, of which 242 were damaged and 2,759 were captured. In addition, 306 units of the Russian Armed Forces were thrown onto the battlefield. Of these, 1,671 were tanks, including 989 destroyed, 545 captured," analysts said.

Experts note that the list contains only destroyed vehicles and equipment, of which there are photo or video records. 

Small arms, ATGMs, MANPADS, mortars, unmanned munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles used as unmanned decoys, civilian vehicles, trailers and derelict equipment are not included in this list.

"All possible efforts were made to avoid duplicate entries and distinguish the status of the equipment: captured or abandoned. In addition, if the origin of the equipment cannot be established, it is not included in the list," the analysts clarify.

It was previously reported that the defense industry of the Russian Federation does not produce a sufficient number of weapons due to sanctions.

At the same time, Ukrainian expert Oleksandr Musienko said that 

Russia can still manufacture new equipment


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