Netizens shared that the cat Amesho at home is pressed against the charging cable, like a "cat phone" that is charging.

(Reposted from @cat_anko3 Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Seeing the cute and healing cats at home can always make the stress accumulated throughout the day disappear without a trace!

Foreign netizens shared their cute cat, and saw it resting on the sofa, its body just pressed against the white charging cable, like a "charging cat", and its cute appearance melted many netizens.

Japanese netizen @cat_anko3 shared her lovely 3-year-old American shorthair cat "あんこ" (Anko) on Twitter. She said that when she got home, she saw it resting on the sofa, but its body was pressed against the phone charging cable With squinting eyes, it looks like a "cat phone" that is charging, saying "The electricity is being charged from the cat's ass!"

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After the photo was exposed, it attracted a lot of discussion. Many netizens were attracted by the cat's healing appearance, and left messages saying "super cute", "the cat is charging~", "USB Type-Cat", "charging progress 60%", " It's almost melting", "Where did you buy this cat phone?"

帰ったら猫がお尾から charging されてた

— あんこ (@cat_anko3) January 23, 2023