According to the 2022 Global Democracy Index, Taiwan ranks 10th in the world and first in Asia.

(Associated Press)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The British "Economist Intelligence Unit" (EIU) announced the 2022 Democracy Index 2022 report (Democracy Index 2022 report) yesterday (2). COVID-19) has seen a slight improvement in the democratic index after the relevant epidemic prevention and control, but there are still factors like Russia's war that have led to a sharp drop in rankings.

In this report, Taiwan ranks among the top 10 in the world out of 167 countries and regions, and ranks first in Asia.

According to the latest survey published on the EIU official website, the ratings are based on five items: "Electoral Process and Diversity", "Government Operations", "Political Participation", "Democratic Political Culture" and "Civil Liberties", with 10 points for a full score.

According to the report, in 2022, less than half of the world's population, or 45.3%, will live in democracies, "more than one-third, or 36.9%, of the world's population will live under authoritarian rule, a large part of which will be in China and Russia. ".

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According to another report, among the 167 countries and regions, the top 10 most democratic countries are Norway, New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, the Netherlands and Taiwan; as for the top 5 least democratic countries in the world countries, Afghanistan, Myanmar, North Korea, the Central African Republic, and Syria.

But the EIU noted that "from a global perspective, 2022 will be a disappointing year for democracy," noting that the global average score has barely changed from 5.28 in 2021 to 5.29.

Norway, which ranked first, scored 9.81 points, Afghanistan, which ranked last, only scored 0.32 points, while Taiwan scored 8.99 points.

In addition, the EIU also stated that the biggest challenge facing democracy in 2022 is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which caused a serious violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and shocked the world, accompanied by the Russian government’s intensified suppression of domestic media and opposition , causing Russia to have the biggest drop in ranking of any country in the world, falling from 22nd to 146th in 2021.

In this report, Taiwan ranks 10th out of 167 countries, and it is also the only country in Asia with "full democracy" (Full democracy) in the top 10.

China, which ranked 148th last year, has continued to decline in the report of the democracy index. This year, it ranks 156th, which is still "close to the bottom."

Among the top 10 countries, 8 are Western European countries, and Taiwan is the only country in Asia with a "full democracy" (Full democracy) in the top 10.

(The picture is taken from the Democracy Index 2022 report)