Daniel Salem

actively hosted programs and was in the restaurant business before the start of a full-scale war.

However, when Russia launched a full-scale invasion, the celebrity dropped everything and went to the front lines to defend the country.

As Daniel admitted in an interview with Slava Demin, at the beginning of the war, he completely stopped doing business.

Instead, Salem receives a salary for his service in the Armed Forces.

However, the presenter did not name the amount, because he cannot declassify where exactly he serves.

Daniel Salem / Photo:

"I don't have a business anymore. I left everything. I only have a salary that I get from the state. I can't say (the amount - ed.) because I can't say where I am serving now. This is the only salary , which I have now," the host shared.

Daniel also added that when he participates in some advertising integrations, shooting programs, he does not take money for it.

The celebrity is convinced that business needs to be supported now.

Daniel Salem / Photo:

"Even all the shootings where I am seen, all such mini-advertising integrations are all free. I did not take money for any integration at all. I think this is wrong. We need to help now," added Daniel.

We will remind, Daniel Salem plans to

adopt a little girl

whose parents died because of the war in Ukraine.

However, it turns out that nowadays it is not as easy to do as the host thought.

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