A Turkish citizen received an effective sentence of two years and six months in prison for drug trafficking through the "Capitan Andreevo" border checkpoint, the Courthouse in Haskovo announced.

The sentence is the result of an agreement between the defense of the accused and the prosecution, approved by the court.

The truck driver Abdullah Kavchan (42 years old) admitted his guilt for the transfer from Turkey to our country of the high-risk narcotic substance methamphetamine with a net weight of 4890 grams and a total value of BGN 122,250.

The sentence must be served under an initial "common regime".

A fine of BGN 50,000 was also imposed.

The decision of the court is final and not subject to appeal or protest, the court specified.

The case is from October 12, 2022.

The drugs were discovered by customs officials in nine clear polythene bags and hidden in his personal kitchen utensils - two pots and a grill pan - placed in the vehicle's food storage cupboard.

They left a Turkish man in custody, accused of trafficking nearly 5 kg of methamphetamine through "Captain Andreevo"

Before this case, the last illegal trafficking of methamphetamine through "Captain Andreevo" was on June 28, 2021.

Then a Turkish citizen was also charged for the shipment weighing 4.56 kg.

Captain Andreevo