A 39-year-old woman from Veliko Tarnovo is in hospital after being bitten by a domestic dog without a muzzle.

The victim has a shoulder wound and was operated on urgently. 

On Wednesday evening, the owner of the Cane Corso dog went for a walk with him in the Varusha district of Veliko Tarnovo.

Suddenly, it breaks free from its leash and attacks the woman who was leaving a nearby grocery store.

"As far as I understood, the woman was leaving the store and the dog attacked her, it was in front of the store. I know that she has undergone an operation, it is quite serious - her shoulder is injured, I wish her a speedy recovery," Desislava Zheleva told Bulgaria ON AIR , who lives nearby.

A huge dog bit a woman in Veliko Tarnovo

Liliana Nikolova was admitted to the Veliko Tarnovo hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery.

She had a deep wound in the shoulder area. 

Cane Corso are most often used as fighting dogs, for tracking or as guards.

According to neighbors, the owners walk the large dog without a muzzle, although it shows signs of aggression.

"They don't walk him with a muzzle. The dog is about a year old. He barks a lot," comments Desislava.

Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in the case.

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