In May 2022, the director of one of the enterprises of the Kyiv Region signed an agreement with the Transcarpathian Regional Territorial Center for the supply of 350 bulletproof vests of the 4th class of protection for a total amount of UAH 6.4 million.

This is reported by the Prosecutor General's Office.

It is noted that in order to fulfill the terms of the relevant contract, the suspect organized the supply of 350 body armor to a military unit in Zakarpattia Oblast, which, according to the documents, had to correspond to the specified protection.

However, the forensic economic examination revealed that these bulletproof vests do not meet the requirements of the DSTU.

Their penetration is possible when firing a 7.62 x 54 mm cartridge at a shooting distance of 10 m with a 9.6 g bullet, which is significantly different from the declared quality.

Photo: Office of the Prosecutor General

In this way, the head of the enterprise took possession of budget funds allocated for ensuring national security and defense of Ukraine, in the total amount of UAH 5.9 million.

Now, under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General's Office, he has been notified of the suspicion under Part 5 of Art.

191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

It will be recalled that the leadership and officials of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, as well as the director of the enterprise, were exposed for embezzlement of over 7 million UAH from the state budget during the purchase of products for the Armed Forces.

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