Residents of the Russian city of Ufa, who have been without gas and hot water for two months, came out to protest with signs.

Russians complain that while the authorities are talking about "freezing Europe", they are actually freezing. 

The Russian Telegram channel "7X7. Horizontal Russia" writes about this. 

Back in November, the gas supply to a multi-story residential building was turned off due to problems with the chimney.

Previously, Russians heated water with a boiler, but when the gas disappeared, they heat it in buckets. 

Photo: Photo from social networks

People were offered to repair chimneys for 150 thousand rubles, but they allegedly do not have the funds for this.

Two months have passed, but the problem has not been resolved.

Residents of Ufa, who were told about "freezing Europe", came out to protest to ask the authorities where their gas is. 

Photo: Photo from social networks

We will remind you that in the Russian city of Volgograd, before Putin's arrival, the destroyed buildings were covered with banners, all the stray dogs were caught, and the local governor was sent to quarantine. 

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