Rao Qingling (pictured) and the County Police Department share a vision for security in the next four years.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Xianyi)

[Reporter Chen Xianyi/Taitung Report] Newcomers and new atmosphere, Taitung County Magistrate Rao Qingling yesterday afternoon and the newly appointed County Police Chief Chen Jinkun jointly drew a vision for public security in the next four years, and listened to the briefings on the achievements of each department last year and the key points of future work; Chen Jinkun said, We will uphold the previous work enthusiasm, go all out in the post, and lead colleagues to contribute to public security and protect Taitung.

Rao Qingling said that the relationship between the police and the people in Taitung County is completely different from other counties and cities. Its performance in public security and traffic is among the best in the satisfaction survey of Foresight magazine, not only last year’s 45-day hot air balloon carnival, New Year’s Eve activities, and this year’s continuous Spring Festival holiday traffic. All efforts were made to maintain law and order and smooth traffic flow.

In the past four years, the campaign slogan was "Taitung, not just Taitung". In the next four years, we will continue to drive the development of Taitung's "slow economy" with four times the effort. The concept of sustainability combined with rich cultural and cultural planning vision, let the world see a better Taitung.

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Qingling Rao expressed the hope that each team will create exclusive value with the life attitude of "truth, kindness and beauty" of Taitung people. An environment that is conducive to development, cultivates local talents, and attracts first-class talents to stay in Taitung.

Chen Jinkun thanked the county government for its support in police work and budget.