Vladimir Dimitrov - one of Bulgaria's iconic artists, whose images are distinguished by the colors of the Kyustendil mountains, was born on February 1.

Even during his lifetime, he was called the Master, known for his extremely modest way of life and kindness, which was felt by the models and everyone around him.

It is easily distinguished by the portraits, landscapes and paintings with the domestic composition.

The images and compositions created under his brushes have expressive colors, an idealistic drawing and a strong symbolic radiance, Nova reported.

He is also the first official Bulgarian military correspondent.

The master created hundreds of sketches of the Bulgarian troops, conveying the emotions in the trenches and life of war.

What the artist created is a reflection of Bulgaria and the moral values ​​of Bulgarians.

The master firmly believes in the purpose of art - to enlighten, elevate, ennoble and enrich the human soul and lead it to perfection.