It is important to build a joint interconnector with Bulgaria for the import of natural gas from other sources to Serbia.

APA reports that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić told journalists today in Kostinbrod, near Sofia, during the ceremony of laying the foundation of the gas connector between Serbia and Bulgaria.

"With this, we will be able to import more gas.

Remember we will need more gas.

Bulgaria is a very reliable country and we have never had any problems with it.

This is a big investment, 93 million euros have been allocated by us," Vucic said about the importance of the project.

The President of Serbia noted that they have invested a lot in the energy sector: "We have allocated a lot of funds.

This was important for the development of the economy.

It also gave us enough electricity for the winter, citizens have no problem.

Both our gas and electricity prices are among the lowest in Europe."

The Serbian head of state also touched on the negotiations with Azerbaijan on the purchase of natural gas: "If we immediately reach an agreement with Azerbaijan, it will be appropriate for us.

Our industry is growing, our consumption is growing.

"We are consuming more and more gas, Serbia is re-industrializing, unlike other European countries, we will need more gas."

Vucic added that he is negotiating with the Azerbaijani side regarding gas sales: "The Azerbaijani side insists on long-term contracts.

But we need to know the prices and mechanisms so that we can compare them and maybe come to an agreement."

He noted that the new gas pipeline will connect Serbia with Bulgaria, Greece and other EU countries and will allow to buy natural gas from Azerbaijan.