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We have a common interest in strong external borders, the most urgent is the situation along the land border between Bulgaria and Turkey, said today the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen

Ursula von der Leyen - German doctor and politician (after Albrecht). Ursula Gertrude Albrecht is before the European Parliament, BTA reported.

We can strengthen the border with means of management, we can provide infrastructure and equipment such as drones and radars, as in recent years we have done for Romania, Spain, Greece and Poland, we can increase the presence of Frontex, she explained.

Von der Leyen indicated that he would present these and other proposals related to migration at next week's extraordinary meeting of the European Council.

According to her, action is needed to cut down on illegal migration across the Mediterranean, to fight against moneylenders and to expand the possibilities of granting asylum to those in need and to return those who have no reason to remain in the EU.

The President of the EC added that still very few of the decisions to return illegally arrived migrants are implemented, while the number of new arrivals is increasing significantly.

The President of the EC: The Bulgarian-Turkish border should be a priority in which the EU countries should be involved

Von der Leyen insisted that return decisions issued by one EU country should be recognized in other EU countries.

She also reported that so far only a few hundred refugees who have received international protection are resettled on a voluntary basis between European countries.

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