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"Negotiations are at an early stage, but they cannot last very long. Within 2 weeks it should be clear how we stand in the elections. The most likely scenario is that we stand together in the elections. Our goal is the first term to dictate the terms for the next parliament," said the deputy from Democratic Bulgaria

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a centrist-right political association formed by Vladislav Panev in the studio of "Day ON AIR".

He added that people like to vote for winners who will get the job done. 

"I, too, have been ashamed of the decisions we have made in recent months. We are fighting for specific reforms, even though in this parliament they were mini-reforms, and to stop the atrocities we saw in this parliament," commented Panev to Bulgaria ON AIR.

Hristo Ivanov revealed how the talks with PP are going, whether they will fight over the lists and where they have differences

He emphasized that the main task of the negotiations is the program of the future formation, and what is on the list has not yet been commented on.

And he expressed his disappointment that the MPs blamed the changes in the Civil Code and the Civil Code.

"In the last 2 weeks, these legislative changes should have put a muzzle on Geshev, so that he could be investigated. Because of GERB, BSP and DPS, they failed to pass and reach their final adoption. This is the coalition of stagnation, some of which are -equal to others", said the national representative. 

Panev once again expressed his dissatisfaction with the distribution of electricity compensation.

"I was the only deputy who voted "against". In the reports, we see how they make record profits and who we are going to support. It turned out that we will pay Lukoil 250 million in compensation, and then they will return 100 million . profit tax", insisted the MP from DB.

He shared his expectations that Bulgaria may not receive money under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan this year. 

"What we can do is shut down the dirtiest plants this year. The market price of electricity has fallen and coal plants are now selling below cost and accumulating losses. Separately, we can move the shutdown date closer from 2038 to -early. For now, we will not receive more money from the Plan, it is important for us to carry out the reforms. This is not a big problem for Bulgaria's budget, the economy realizes over 40% growth in exports, unemployment is at record low levels," commented Panev. 

According to him, it is quite realistic to start importing cheaper electricity from Greece and Romania.

Democratic Bulgaria

Vladislav Panev