The joint air-tactical exercises with Russia "confirm the course of Belarus to strengthen international security and demonstrate the determination of the regional grouping of troops to protect the borders of the Union State", stated on January 31 the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus

Aleksandar Valfovich


He announced the increased militarization of the western and northern neighbors.

"The NATO group in Eastern Europe has about 34,000 soldiers.

The aviation group of the United States and the countries of the alliance in the European zone consists of more than 2,200 combat aircraft, including more than 140 in Poland and the Baltic countries. The scale of operational and combat training activities is growing.

Reconnaissance flights continue in the airspace of neighboring European states.

All kinds of provocations take place.

The militarization of neighboring countries is proceeding at a high pace."

Walfovich watched the combat training of aviation at the Ruzhansk training ground (located in the Pruzhansk, Ivatsevitsk and Birozavsk districts of the Brest region) near Poland and Ukraine.

On January 31, the Ministry of Defense announced the start of the "staff training of the joint command of the regional grouping of troops."

During the week, the Belarusian and Russian military will practice "joint planning of the use of troops based on the experience of armed conflicts."

The regional grouping of troops has been forming since October last year, but its exact number has not been announced.

The exercises are taking place against the background of the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine.

The Kremlin supports the leadership of Belarus in this aggression, although the Belarusian army does not participate in the fighting.

It was after military maneuvers in Belarus that Russian troops crossed the border in February 2022 and attacked Ukraine.

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Joint military training centers with the Russians in Belarus