The Nanshi Council held a Chinese New Year gathering today, and on behalf of Speaker Qiu Lili, presented condolences to three social welfare groups in Nanshinan, Beijiafu and Maerjiazhizhi.

(Photo by reporter Cai Wenju)

[Reporter Cai Wenju/Tainan Report] The Tainan City Council held a Chinese New Year celebration this morning. The city council specially took advantage of this occasion, and on behalf of the Speaker Qiu Lili, presented condolence money to the three families of Tainan City South, North Jiafu and Ma Erjia Home Social welfare groups each received 80,000 yuan in condolences. He also called on the municipal government to propose a post-epidemic revitalization plan, especially a rescue plan for citizens, to help vulnerable people get out of the plight of the epidemic in the past three years.

Today, the South City Council’s Chinese New Year gathering, including Speaker Qiu Lili, Deputy Speaker Lin Zhizhan, You Rongzhi, Zeng Peiya, Shi Yuxingwang, Chen Huangyu, Guo Hongyi, Qiu Zhaosheng, Lin Guanwei, Cai Liqing, Zhou Jiawei, Huang Zhaohui, Li Zonglin, Cai Yuhui, Shen Zhendong , Yang Zhongcheng, Wu Yuhuan, Cai Xiaowei and other party members, city councilor Zeng Zhijie was represented by representatives, and deputy mayor of Nanshi City Ye Zeshan also led the first-level city leaders to participate.

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On behalf of the council, Qiu Lili presented condolences to South Tainan Family Support Center, North Tainan Family Support Center and Ma Erjia Home.

She said that the South and North Family Support Centers try their best to raise scholarships and bursaries before each semester to help children from poor families go to school. Therefore, the South City Council specially sent a condolence fund, hoping to inspire others, and also hoped that the council’s condolence fund can help Ma The unmarried mothers and single-parent children in the second-class family got out of the predicament and got better and better.

Qiu Lili said that this year Nan Kun Dai Tianfu draws the first lottery in 13 years, and believes that all industries in Taiwan can get out of the epidemic and regain their vitality.

She also expects the city government to propose a revitalization plan, especially a bailout plan for citizens.