Only on bTV are the police officers talking about the spectacular arrest after a race in the capital.

They chased down and apprehended a driver who turned out to not only have a suspended license, but also previous traffic violations.

The prosecutor's office accused and detained for 72 hours the 32-year-old criminal Dimitar Sofroniev.

His female companion was questioned.

24 hours after the chase and the show arrest, the police officers gave details of the pursuit of Dimitar Sofroniev and his companion.

Witnesses with revelations about the brutal action and race yesterday in Sofia

Policeman Perfanov and Gruev are patrolling around Nadezhda district.

Suddenly they notice the car, which attracts their attention with its strange behavior on the road.

"He passed very dangerously between crossing pedestrians on a footpath with the risk of hitting them.

It passed between two.

It caught our attention and we went after it.

We noticed that it also ran a red light.

We gave him a light and sound signal from our car, but he accelerated, did not obey, went through two more red traffic lights, with very risky situations for pedestrians and cars," says Asen Perfanov, a police officer at the Second Police Station in Sofia.

They want reinforcements.

The other team of policemen Rusinov and Ivanov blocked Sofroniev's way in the small one-way street.

The fugitive hits two cars and miraculously avoids a head-on collision with another car.

"We ordered him loud and clear to come out with his hands up, he behaved inappropriately and continued to disobey our orders," says Asen Perfanov.

"After he didn't stop in first and reverse gear and hit the first car and the patrol car, it was clear that he wasn't going to do well.

We had to respect him with the weapon," explained Mr.

expert Nikolai Rusimov.

When the four policemen take out their "Makarov" pistols, the man is startled and opens the window a little, also opens the door.

This is the moment the uniforms wait for to enter the vehicle.

“He jumped in the back seat and ate something while the car was still locked.

We had to break the side windows of the car.

They turned out to be very healthy.

we didn't succeed with the gun, we tried, but it didn't break," says Asen Perfanov.

“Once one door was already open, the space was quite small.

The restrained person was stumbling with his legs and it was a little more difficult.

Subsequently, we also opened the other door and managed to get more officers involved in the arrest," explained Kalin Ivanov - senior police officer.

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Sofroniev's companion Velislava Vladislavova was the first to be taken out of the car in handcuffs.

Two uniformed officers were injured during the arrest.

Dimitar Sofroniev is known to the police.

Driving without a license is not his first traffic violation.

He was also convicted of robbery and drugs.

He was recently released from prison.

Dimitar's companion Velislava Vladislavova will be questioned.

So far she has not been tested for drugs.

While still in the car, she tried to switch seats with the driver. 

"The girl sat at the wheel and kept saying - I was driving, he wasn't driving.

And he was doing something from behind, but given the dark glasses, we couldn't see what was happening," says the junior.

expert Nikolai Rusimov.

"It even gave me a strange impression that she gave gas and the car itself continued to hit other cars, which borders on madness, I don't know, maybe because it was also inadequate," Gruev recalled.

The police officers from the Second District have a long experience in the system.

However, they admit that such races and such daring behavior on the road is not seen every day.

The officers also responded to comments from people on social networks that they used excessive force and slammed the car doors.

"People pay much more attention to the car door than to the act that the person in question has committed," Perfanov believes.

"If something worse had happened - we wouldn't have paid attention to the car, the doors or how the police acted," added Gruev.

Ordinary police officers, who are on the streets every day and exposed to all kinds of risks, are calling for swift justice and effective sentences for drivers who refuse to be tested for drugs.

Against the backdrop of daily incidents involving drunks and drug addicts on the road, experienced law enforcement officers advise young drivers:

"Let's raise the young generation a little more humbly, so that they don't think that everything that flies eats," says Rusinov.

Uniformed officers also hope for better equipment such as batons, sprays, flashlights, knife gloves and window breakers.