The number of test takers this year has increased by 2,144 compared with last year. Experts believe that this winter will make the admissions of HKUST even worse.

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[Reporter Yang Mianjie/Taipei Report] This year’s college entrance examination has just ended, and the number of candidates has increased by 2,144 compared with last year. Wei Jiahui, CEO of website, pointed out that although this is expected to alleviate the dilemma of ordinary university enrollment shortages, it is still a huge problem for HKUST’s enrollment. The cold winter made it worse.

Because the number of test takers is bound to decline, it is estimated that the distribution gap will increase by 1 to 2,000 people, which is equivalent to a freshman in a medium-sized science and technology university.

Wei Jiahui pointed out that according to statistics from the Ministry of Education, there were 185,608 third-year senior high school students in the 111 academic year, including 101,194 high school students and 84,414 senior vocational students; And the ratio of vocational students has already reversed.

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Wei Jiahui mentioned that 90% of HKUST’s admissions come from higher vocational unified test candidates. Except for 10% of the quota from the four skills application channels of academic test candidates, fresh high school graduates cannot apply for the unified test.

In contrast, fresh graduates of higher vocational schools can also apply for academic tests and sub-subject tests in addition to the unified test.

Wei Jiahui also mentioned that according to statistics from the National Examination Center, 7,349 of the candidates for the 111 academic test are vocational students.

After choosing 4 out of 5 subjects for personal application, and in order to increase the number of students in order to reduce the number of birthrates in general universities, only 1 to 3 subjects such as Chinese, English, and Mathematics have been added, resulting in more than 6% of academic test candidates each year. from high school.

Wei Jiahui further stated that the number of applicants for the 2011 unified examination reached a record low of 79,266. According to the increase in the number of applicants for this year's academic examination, the number of candidates for the unified examination is bound to decline.

It is estimated that the joint registration and distribution of statistical surveys will continue to expand from 11,000 last year, reducing the number of people by 1 to 2,000. The reduced number of distribution is equivalent to the first-year freshman of a medium-sized science and technology university.

Wei Jiahui believes that if the diversion of high school vocational students is not carried out from the policy perspective, including adjustments in all aspects such as talent cultivation, industrial manpower demand, and national population policy, the imbalance of education policies will cause the collapse of the technical and vocational system, which will not only accelerate the development of universities of science and technology. The exit of Taiwan will further accelerate the shortage of talents in Taiwan, which in turn will affect the future development of the industry, and even promote a vicious circle of industrial relocation.