Stefan Matthias from Stockholm fell in love with Viranuch Butingkong from Thailand during a long online correspondence.

However, as soon as they met, Stefan got into a car accident and died.

Details of the tragic story appeared in the Mirror.

A 50-year-old man traveled across the world to meet his 27-year-old girlfriend and crashed his motorcycle five days after arriving in Thailand.

The day before, he confessed to the girl.

The newlyweds asked for a blessing from Viranukh's parents and were going to return to Sweden together.

One day, Stefan got on a motorcycle to ride through a scenic area, but lost control and fell off a cliff.

Unfortunately, he had no chance of survival.

Doctors diagnosed clinical death at the scene of the accident.

"My heart is broken. I can't believe that he left so quickly. I'm shocked," the girl reacted to the event.

Viranukh said that she met Stefan on social networks about two years ago.

In order to meet her, the man quit his job and flew to Thailand to meet offline for the first time.

Let's add that there was a fatal accident in Ukraine on the Kyiv-Poltava highway. 

A minibus with passengers at full speed crashed into a truck


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