Hu Xinyu.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Hu Xinyu, a 15-year-old boy in China, found his body after 106 days of disappearance. His body was buried only a few hundred meters away from the school. Facebook shared an article by a Chinese think tank analyzing the doubts of the disappearance case.

Wang Dan posted a screenshot on Facebook PO. In the screenshot, the think tank "Dialogue China" listed Hu Xinyu's seven major doubts. The first point is that the Shangrao City Public Security Bureau reported on January 28 that a suspect who committed suicide was found in the woods of Jinji Mountain in Hekou Town. The second point is that the report said on the first day that the body was found while looking for chickens, but on the second day it was changed to say that the dog found it.

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The third point is that Sina News reported that the police invested 5,000 police officers in a large-scale search for 3 months in early January this year, but they never entered the granary that was only a few tens of meters away from the school. More than 3 months is unlikely.

The fifth is that the recorder that Hu Xinyu carried with him was not on his body, but left in the wall hole next to the body. The sixth is the last scene of Hu Xinyu's appearance. He was wearing white clothes under his school uniform, but his body did not have white clothes. The school uniform was still worn front and back On the contrary, the seventh is that the photos at the scene of the discovery of the remains are suspected of being embezzled.

The case of Hu Xinyu's disappearance is full of doubts. Hu Xinyu's family requested an autopsy on January 29. The autopsy report has not yet been obtained, and the cremation of the remains will be suspended. An organization in Guangdong appraised and repaired the files to see if they could restore the files; Zheng Xiaojing, a lawyer for Hu Xinyu's family, said in an interview that if evidence such as on-site inspections, autopsy reports, and tape recorder identification points to homicide, the police must file a criminal case for investigation.

Chinese democracy activist Wang Dan.

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