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The boy who brought an air gun into a French High School history class on Jan. 26 has been placed in a form of self-directed learning.

This means that all his fives and sixes from the first term will not be recognized and he will hold annual exams.

This was announced by director Emilia Bogdanova for "24 Chasa".

The decision was made at a pedagogical council on Tuesday, which was also attended by the parents of the young adult.

The mother was half alive, she was about to collapse, the director said.

One pedagogical advisor had to hold the woman by the hand so she wouldn't pass out.

The parents were unaware of their son's acquisition.

He bought the gun the same day.

He carried it with the box and receipt.

Also on Tuesday, the high school also held a meeting of students from the history group to reassure the 12th graders and their parents.

Lasted 3 hours.

Classmates claimed in several Facebook posts that the boy had been aggressive for a long time, wore boxers to school and was afraid of him.

They vowed to write to the institutions until measures are taken.

The independent form is absent, in it the student prepares all by himself.

At the end of the year before the matriculation exams, he will appear for a summary exam in front of a committee appointed by the director.

He cannot be denied consultations.

He can ask questions to his teachers online.

The French high school works on the teems platform.

There, teachers can send him materials.

A student pulled out a gun during a class at the French High School

The law does not allow a high school graduate to be local before graduation at another school.

"The student has also been insufficiently reasonable on other occasions, with thoughtless actions.

The child is smart and will be fine, but he is learning life's lessons the hard way," commented director Emilia Bogdanova.

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