A famous Japanese netizen recently saw an alpaca wearing winter clothes at the Alpaca Plaza in a shopping center called "ベルモール" in Tochigi Prefecture, which looked like "Tamako Sushi".

(Picture taken from @higa4_a Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] After entering winter, many people not only pay attention to keeping themselves warm, but also put on warm clothes for pets or animals that are not resistant to cold.

Recently, in a shopping mall in Japan, because the weather was too cold, the alpacas that were raised were dressed in winter clothes that resembled "Tamako Sushi", which unexpectedly caused heated discussions on the Internet.

A Japanese netizen named "East" on Twitter said in a PO article on the 25th of last month that he went to a shopping center called "ベルモール" in Tochigi Prefecture that day. There is a "Alpaca Plaza" (ベルモールアルパカ広场), and when he passed this square, he accidentally saw several alpacas raised inside were dressed in winter clothes, and the appearance of one alpaca caught his attention.

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From the photos shared by the original PO, it can be seen that there is an alpaca full of white fluff all over its body, with a black belt tied on its body, and a yellow square quilt for keeping warm on its back. The overall color scheme looks It looks very similar to "Tamako Sushi".

According to the staff, alpacas are very resistant to cold, but they are not cold-resistant animals, so every winter, they will wear winter clothes for these alpacas to keep out the cold.

After the photo was exposed, the cute and funny appearance of this alpaca caused many netizens to discuss, "Sushi that can spit?", "So cute saddle", "White bubbles are delicious!", "Walking Sushi Lang", "This tamagoyaki is lethal!", "Extra fluffy rice (?)", "This tamagoyaki is so raw that it will spit at me", "Next time there will be salmon, tuna fish, sea urchin, conger eel taste".

モールのアルパカ、防冷なのかTamako Sushi みたいになってたが pic.twitter.com/25ARoDSNYU

— East (@higa4_a) January 25, 2023

かりんちゃんThere is a famous person パカ~????


アルパカさんのパカさに强いけど、年齢とか毛の数によっては冷さに反えきれれないAnimal なんだけど? ???#ベルモール#アルパカ広场#かりんhttps://t.co/DnFla01fZV

— ベルモールアルパカ広场 (すずまる) (@BellMall_alpaca) January 27, 2023