Lawyer Andrii Novak explained that only the head of the Military Commissariat can issue summonses to Ukrainians abroad.

It is impossible to forcibly return a conscript to Ukraine. 

He said this in an interview with

"It is not legal to serve subpoenas abroad. Unless the head of the military commissar personally goes abroad and serves the subpoena. In reality and seriously, there is no person abroad who is authorized to serve subpoenas. Employees of diplomatic departments cannot do this. The only powers they have - this is just a notification that the mobilization and promotion of the return of citizens to the territory of Ukraine is taking place. It is not known how they will notify. This can be done via e-mail or a message on the website," Andrii Novak said.

The lawyer also emphasized that it is practically impossible to return conscripts to Ukraine if they are abroad. 

"They cannot force Ukrainians to return to the state. Law enforcement agencies of other countries cannot forcefully return Ukrainians home either. The only legal basis is a court decision in Ukraine to bring criminal responsibility, but what is the responsibility if a person is not served with a summons. Abroad there are no opportunities to serve subpoenas," Novak explained. 

As a reminder, due to the Russian attack on February 24, martial law and general mobilization were introduced in Ukraine.

Conscripts who are recognized by hospital commissions as having limited fitness for military service in wartime may also be mobilized.

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